Time for Reflection. Innovation. Business 
– conference or meetings in peaceful surroundings

Conference, workshop, or meeting. Do you need time for reflection, innovation, and business?

Hold your next meeting a mere 10 minutes from Copenhagen, next to Jægersborg Deer Park. Vilvorde Conference Hotel is situated in one of Denmark’s most beautiful green surroundings – a sharp contrast to a hectic day at the office.

A successful conference or meeting has a huge influence on what we bring home with us. At Vilvorde Conference Hotel, we constantly seek inspiration and knowledge about crafting the optimal frame for an inspiring and rewarding meeting.

Tell us about your conference or meeting, and we will do our best to give you a special experience and support you to achieve your goals for the day.

  • Our largest conference room accommodates 220 people
  • We have 63 rooms for overnight visitors
  • Delicious and healthy food from our kitchen all day
  • 50,000 square metres of park for walk-and-talk, or a peaceful break
  • 200 meters to Jægersborg Deer Park.

"The surroundings are both open and inviting, and the food is rather special. I have been to many conference centres in Denmark, and rarely have I experienced a service that fantastic, both in terms of the quality of the food and the friendliness of the staff.”

Henrik Engberg Johansen, Matas

Vilvorde was originally an old gardening school dating back to 1875. Today, Vilvorde is situated in a park with rare species and 140 year old trees.

Vilvorde Kursuscenter • Vilvordevej 70 • 2920 Charlottenlund • Telefon: 39637400 • Telefax: 39637883 • vilvorde@dsr.dk

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