Basic overview of our efforts to comply with the GDPR laws from May 2018 at Vilvorde


On May 25th 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be applicable in the EU. The reason for applying GDPR is that personal data should be treated correct and in full transparency of those concerned.


The GDPR law protects personal data from being misused in any physical and technical sense. Data owners are in control of their personal information so to speak.


Therefore Vilvorde must be able to show, at any time, how and when data is kept, moved or deleted. We must be able to document the secure the proces of data and transaction to third parties, if any.

Furthermore we ensure our guests that we comply with the GDPR so that you as a guest have the right to be informed about personal data we hold, to request personal data corrected or deleted (as far as danish laws allows us to comply).


Vilvorde hereby documents it’s effort to track subject data, as well as comply with protection policies. Please feel free to ask if in doubt!



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